iphone apps May 2, 2012

Apps review: money management

I think technology should make life easier, and not more difficult. If I find it has complicated my life more, I try to find a better solution… so these are some of the apps that I have found that save me time or money in various ways.

(disclaimer: most of these are iphone apps, if you have an android or other device, they may/may not be helpful. 🙂


Amazon: I use this all the time. My most recent use was to price baby shampoo while at Target. Target had it cheaper. I use the “scan barcode” feature and it is pretty neat.


your personal bank/credit union: I have used Banner Bank, BECU, CHASE, and  few other bank/credit union apps. They access the accounts quickly and log out if you hit the home button which I like.


Starbucks Mobile Card: I use this to check my balance on my gold card. I reload it when necessary so that I can get the free soy in my Chai. Or a free shot of coffee.


Gas Buddy: this is a great app to find the cheapest gas/fuel in the area. I like that it breaks it down into regular/mid grade/premium AND diesel since depending on which car I drive, I have to check different fuel charges.


Let me know what your favorites are!

Here is the link to the article that has even more helpful apps: