Uncategorized April 18, 2012



I have been hearing/fielding questions about the HARP 2 program… reaching out to some of my lenders I found that many do not/did not have any informaiotn about the program. answers ranging from “we don’t know much yet” or “we are waiting for corporate” came from them. And, these lenders do a GREAT job for my clients. But, I want someone to go above and beyond. To seek out and turn over rocks to get to the bottom of these programs, so that potential clients can use them.


SO, I tweeted Dan Keller last night about HARP 2. He tweeted back right away with a link to his blog:


it is great. full of info. he also sent a HARP 2 ebook that had even MORE helpful info.

So thanks Dan. I appreciate a lender that goes above and beyond where others just sit and wait.