Uncategorized February 9, 2012

Weekly Seattle/Eastside Real Estate market article round up

I was reading an article the other day about how, in some parts of the country, the economy – while still challenged – is beginning to see signs of improvement. 

In Seattle, Washington, for instance, orders for Boeing planes have jumped dramatically in the past 2 months. Nordstrom increased its profit by 7% in the third quarter. Starbucks is reinvesting cash into roasting and repackaging plants. A survey of business leaders indicates that they intend to begin hiring again in 2012.

What I find interesting is that for many of us, it’s easier to listen to – and read about – the bad news, rather than actively seek out good news. I’ve decided to seek out good news about our local economy and here’s what I’m finding:

Snapshot of 2011’s housing market:


 The changing face of town houses:


New refinance plan in the works:


10 BIG tax deductions many of us miss:


An easy explanation of ‘who pays for what’ in a real estate transaction: