Mistakes to Avoid

You’re buying your dream home. Your offer has been accepted, and you’re counting the days until the deal clos- es. I know it’s tempting to think everything is smooth sailing from here on out, but there are a few hurdles left before that dream home is really yours. Here are five common mistakes to avoid: 

Changing Jobs

Lenders like a consistent job history. It’s best to stay put until the house is yours.

Making a Major Purchase

An increase in your debt-to-income ratio reduces the amount of monthly income available for your mortgage payment. If you make a big purchase like a new car, the bank might decide you can't afford your home.

Forgetting Hazard Insurance

Before closing, your lender will want proof you have coverage for the new home. Get it as early as possible so closing isn't delayed.

Getting Emotional

It’s common to get cold feet, especially during and after the home inspection, but be realistic. No home is per- fect, especially older homes. New owners may need to make some repairs themselves.

Being Too Independent

As your broker, I am here to help. It is my job to track many of the day-to-day details. Make sure you’re in regular communication with me.


This was our first experience buying a home and we knew very little about the whole process. Dorae was so helpful and seemed to know exactly what we were thinking before we said anything...  
~ Theresa & Will, Everett

Dorae kept me informed of each phase of the process of selling my home from beginning to end. When obstacles arose, I was comfortable with her knowledge and negotiation skills to arrive at the results I was hoping for...
~ Karen, Everett

...Dorae followed up on every detail of our home purchase. And added to all that, she was fun to be around. High energy, cheerful, and just nice...
~ Mary & Bob, Issaquah

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